Cast List of Main Characters
Wanted to know how old a character is, or what they're majoring in? You've come to the right page.

[*List consists of regular (or will be regular) and living characters only.]
[**This is not a complete list of characters.]

Hopkins Residence Hall

Li Wei Chou
the stoic
Species: Human||Age:26
Major: Pre-Med

Li spends most of his time studying hard and taking care of others, especially his little sister Mei Ning. Rumor has it that he was involved in something illegal in Taiwan before becoming a college student.

Rahuereul Firwyn
the R.A.
Species: Metamorph||Age:21
Major: Civil Engineering

Rah is the Head RA of Hopkins. Reliable and even-tempered, his half-elven form holds sentimental value to him. He is suspiciously knowledgeable about firearms. Rah dotes on his girlfriend, Patian.

Nick Farin
the gay roommate
Species: Human|| Age:21
Major: Psychiatry

Nick Farin is rarely around, often at lab. His gentle nature is tainted by frequent bouts of depression, remnants of his possession by wraiths. He is trying to overcome his fears of getting hurt by others.

Lila Foeril
the voluptuous genius
Species: Succubus|| Age:21
Major: Applied Theories

Lila has the closest thing to a 4.0 anyone has ever seen and is already working on her masters. She desperately wants a committed relationship, but guys can't seem to look past her succubus roots - or her rack.

Nathan Hamilton
the puppy
Species: Werewolf|| Age:19
Major: Undeclared

A genuinely happy individual with a large heart, everyone says Nathan's the most open person you'll meet. Ask around, though, and you'll discover almost nothing is known about him. Nathan is suspected to not be a werewolf by everybody.

Hirai, Daisuke
Species: Noppera-bo|| Age:20
Major: Chemistry

Daisuke likes explodey things. He's half Noppera-bo. His father was decieved by a woman pretending to be his dying wife, fleeing at Daisuke's birth and leaving his father to raise a faceless baby. How this affects Daisuke is unknown, since he only confides in Li Chou, but his father claims no grudge against him.

Marissa Laroche
the lady tomboy
Species: Human|| Age:17
Major: Undecided

Headstrong and tough, Marissa values strength above all else. Marissa's "father," a French CEO, despises her as, unknown to her, she is the daughter of his wife and a Spanish merman.

Tracee Lyndon
the siren
Species: Human|| Age:19
Major: MAGE Certification

Trace is an international student from the UK, and somewhat passive aggressive. Trace feels very strongly about helping the marginalized and uses his sharp wit, and tongue, liberally. He is sensitive about his missing right eye.

Kaoru Nakamura
the ninja
Species: Human||Age:21
Major: Computer Science

Kaoru is a ninja, but only Li really KNOWS that. Kaoru does not remember anything from before the age of 16 due to an explosion. He's pretty satisfied with his life, and rather sweet to women.

Silver, Chris
Species: Human||Religion: Christian (Lutheran)||Age:21
Major: Clericy

Chris is the orphan of a rich couple, whose lives were taken by the Akhkharu. He has sworn his life on destroying them. In fact, it's a very unhealthy obsession of his. Everything he does orbits around his desire for revenge against the Akhkharu.

Soleil, Felice
Species: Ange||Religion: Christian (Catholic)|| Age:21
Major: Communications

Felice is a frail, quiet, and somewhat sad girl. Ason holds some guilt over a botched prank that startled her and caused Felice's heart to fail. She, however, doesn't hold it against him. Felice has a condition that she despises, and lives in fear of being found out. She will not alleviate her pains, putting her health more and more in danger.

Sonciel, Ason
Species: Demon(2)||Religion: Theist||Age:21
Major: Education

Ason loves pulling pranks. He's mischeivous by nature, but his lack of foresight has often done harm. As a result, Ason has developed an intense self-loathing, which Rah has been slowly counselling him for. Type 2 demons are rare on the surface of the earth, and Ason was found and raised by an old elf. He wonders why he was abandoned by his parents.

Cironh Tadoel
Species: Elf|| Age:21
Major: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Cironh is the resident geek-girl. She's blunt and boyish, loving to tinker with and build machines. Mostly robots. She originates from an elven tribe stationed in Western US (think Colorado). She and Daisuke get into all kinds of nerdy trouble.

Darilon Volodymyr
Species: ???|| Age:16
Major: Lore Studies

Dare is shrouded in mystery. Little is known about how he managed to make it to college at age 16, but it's generally acknowledged that he is wise. He is a little afraid of his suite-mates, and is often away from the dorm due to that. Dare is spacey and mal-nourished, forgetting to feed himself.

Tian Yu (Patian) Zhang
the kitty seer
Species: Ailurian|| Age:23
Major: Divination.

Patian is an international student from the Chinese Ailurian territories. She is very strong-willed and, as most cats, extremely curious. Her Sight is very strong, and she was sent to the Institute to train it further.

Mei Ning Chou
Species: Human|| Age:13

Mei Ning isn't a college student; Hopkins is her home, along with her brother Li. She tries not to complain too much or want outrageous things that would burden Li, but is spunky and can't help but speak her mind.

Munroe Residence Hall

Jaydon Cox
he/she/wait what?
Species: Naiad||Age:21
Major: Business, Dance minor

Jaydon is a Salmacisine, a rare type of naiad that can change genders at will. Needless to say, he's had a few identity problems here and there ... and still does. He likes guys, and has had a crush on a gay friend forever.

Gideon Lee
the tiny gradstudent
Species: Human||Age:25
Major: CompSci Masters

Gideon has a passion for fashion - prepping models, that is. Chatty with a rebellious streak, he's easy to get along with. Gideon's made some choices he deeply regrets, and will punch out his friends for bringing them up.

Seth Readman
the exorcist
Species: Human|| Age:20
Major: Seminary

Seth is cursed with the ability to interact with spirits as if they were people. Certified by the Roman Catholic Church, Seth voluntarily left to avoid some major conflicts while still keeping his license.

Tern Skval
the bird
Species: Bird Fae|| Age:18
Major: Applied Theories

Tern is of the Elite of Otherworld. He is unable to lie, and very gentle. Unlike other Elite, he is very curious about... everything. Tern acts as a messenger forOtherworld's rulers.

Shade Talon
the hellhound
Species: Hellhound|| Age:20
Major: Magick Physics

Shade is from the Otherworld's darkness. He struck a deal with Charisma to sponsor him for a license to Otherworld, and acts as an assassin for Otherworld's rulers. He uses a single white dagger and can travel through shadows.

The Pearson-Levin Place

Ruth Asterly
the normie
Species: Human||Age:21
Major: Business

Ruth was hired by Charisma and takes care of the shop. She's very efficient at it, and her sweet, adaptable demeanor gets her through everything that happens. She's a little rebellious of her parents, though.

Karin Donalds
the other RA
Species: Human||Age:20
Major: MechEngineering

Karin is the Head RA of Pearson-Levin. She is openly gay and refuses to let that get in the way of maintaining a tight ship, whether you'd like it or not. Pretty good friends with Rah.

Oksana Ilyanov
the puppeteer
Species: Human|| Age:19
Major: Comparative World Literature

Oksana comes from a relatively wealthy family and is a single child. She is anti-social, prefering the company of her summon-puppets to other people.


Adrian Aderyn
the chancellor
Species: Immortal||Age:n/a

Adrian is the Dragon of Wisdom, and founder of the Institute. He represents "What is Known" and is a member of the International Magic Council. The fact that he is immortal, and that he looks about 12, is generally ignored.

Charisma Tang
the phoenix
Species: Immortal||Age:n/a

Charisma is a phoenix, but it's a secret. She represents "Death", and owns a shop full of curious things from the orient and tells fortunes. She deals heavily with Other World and lives according to her own rules and desires.

Saiful Azmon
the blade
Species: Sword|| Age:1,200

Saif is a sword with a soul, given a body created from phoenix feathers by Charisma. He is fully devoted to Charisma, living only to fulfill his master's wishes.

Snow Maiden
the snow maiden
Species: Immortal|| Age:n/a

Currently known as Yuuki, this woman melts away every 150 years and re-appears deep within snowy forests as a 10-year old child. Her purpose is unclear, as are the mechanisms for her existence, and she represents "What is Unknown".

Nicostratos Russo
Species: ???||Age:???


Jared Jedidiah
the reverand
Species: Human||Age:42

Reverand Jared is essentially Nathan's surrogate father. He guards Nathan's hometown so nothing from the dark forests near it come in... or is he guarding that which lurks in the forest from coming out?

Reiko Ayanami
Species: Human||Age:19

Reiko is secretly the net-idol, Aya-chan, a tactic of hiding in the spotlight. Her true job is an information hound for her underground info-broker brother, made that much easier with her computer skillz and ability to "travel" between reflective surfaces.

Supporting Characters

Seiji Nakamura

Seiji is Kaoru's older brother. Seiji will never forget the explosion and the people that stole their parents, their brother, and 16 years of Kaoru's memories.

Siren Readman

Siren is Seth's protective, younger sister. There are a lot of things that she regrets.

Ethan Small

Nick Farin's boyfriend. The extrovert to Nick's introvert.