About IofM and K.Lin

Comic Primer:

IofM, the Institue of Metaphysics, is a small private college nestled in the small, fictional town of Crossroads, Maryland. Here, everyone has a story. Some will revolutionize the world, some will find their places in the world, some will save it, and one will achieve ascension.
... Actually, it's just a bunch of stories intermixed with each other. The only thing that links them together is the Institute.

K.Lin Primer:

*Engineering Major/Linguistics Minor
*stories yes plz
*espresso adds +2
*NEET/freeter = possible occupations

It's short, because I don't really get lots of what can be considered "frequently asked questions."

When's the next update?! You're late!
This is usually the question I get the most, and understandably. I apologize, and have no real excuses if it's just because I got bogged down with characters and concepts for some other story designs. Most likely though, I simply do not have time to churn a comic out this update. I've got things to do that's not drawing or comics that must take precedence. This is unfortunate for you guys, but especially unfortunate for me as well, and I'm sorry~!

When did you start drawing?
High school.

So-and-so hasn't gotten his/her backstory done yet, could you get around to it?
Though it seems pretty disorganized, I do have a rough timeline I am following for story-telling reasons. It'll happen when it happens, and not before. Thankfully. There are also several characters who will NOT have their backstories delved into for my personal aesthetics.

So-and-so hasn't been introduced yet, could you get around to it?
Read above, except minus the "not getting into certain things" part, because that would be ridiculous.

Such-and-such was mentioned/shown differently before, and now it's not. What happened?
As a comic-artist, I reserve the right to retcon! IofM is a growing story that I started before I had fully figured things out because it was the cool thing to do way back when. I regret.

How do you draw your comics?
Well see, I use a piece of paper and - j/k. I do sketch and line-art by hand, and color with Photoshop CS3 and a beautiful Intuos4. (Saving up for a Cintiq.) For the sketch, I start out with a blue mechanical pencil, then a regular lead-holder, then art pens for lineart. If you're looking for specific "how-to-draw"s, try here: Tutorials. Feel free to ask for art, comic, and web advice, because life's much happier if we all help each other along. Though you might not want to take my web advice. I learned html from the era before facebook when crappy MSWord webpages were all the rage, and have long since been told that's not how the young'uns do it anymore.

Will you link me?
If I know you personally, I probably already did. If I don't, for now, yes. When it gets too much for my front page, I will move it to a section under "Extras." When it starts getting ridiculous, as a warning I ... may drop your link. I don't see that happening any time soon, but as a forewarning...sorry!
To get me to link you, send me your site address and a button with height=31 pixels and width=88 or 100 pixels.