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The Institute
The Institute of Metaphysics, founded many years ago by Council Member Ahdriam Aderyn, is located in the fictional town of Crossroads, Maryland. IofM is a small college, excelling in magic and metaphysical aspects of society. Their strongest departments are their Cleric's Training School and Engineering. Their Performing Arts are also randomly well known.
Campus Map

As the campus map is being finalized, here is a rough map Rah drew for someone somewhere at some time. (Yes, that is a close approximation of Rah's handwriting. It is not my fault if it is not legible.)


Seminary Quad
The Seminary/Clerics track is the most well-known attribute of IofM.
The Seminary Quad, formally the Northshire Quad, together with the Engineering and Sciences Quad, house most of the campus' academic buildings.
The "Bomb Shelter"
The extremely large building (it could house all 3 dorms) affectionately referred to as the "Bomb Shelter" is officially "The Simul-Cast Center of Magics". Designed for live simulations of magic and science for training or experimentation, the Simul-Cast Center can withstand a nuclear explosion - simultaneously from the inside and outside. Hence the nickname.

Engineering/Sciences Quad
Also known as "ESQ", the Engineering and Sciences Quad is a rather new formulation. It has most of the newest buildings.
The Pythia Tiresias Planetarium is a state of the art facility mostly by the Divination Department. (Yes, divination is considered a science.)

Residence Halls

All dorms have coin laundry, lounge areas, and study areas. All dorms also have single rooms and double rooms available with private to 4 person baths. Hopkins also contains triples.

Hopkins Residence Hall
The largest dorm, Hopkins is co-ed. It has many student conveniences, such as a mini-library, computer lab, and the cafeteria boasting the best food.
Dorm Photo * Floor Plans * Specific Room Layouts

Munroe Residence Hall
Munroe is the all boys' dorm. They do not have a full cafetera, only a small cafe-type stand that operates at limited hours. Meals are taken at Hopkins.
Dorm Photo * Floor Plans * Specific Room Layouts

Pearson-Levin Place
PLP is the all girls' dorm. Though they do have a cafeteria, it also operates at limited hours prompting many girls to go to Hopkins.
Dorm Photo * Floor Plans * Specific Room Layouts

Other Campus Buildings

The Union -Location of many student organizations and events
The Administration Building-Where most of the paperwork goes, as well as the residence of the Chancellor
Asimov Library - One of the oldest buildings on campus, the library is legendary internationally for its collection of ancient books on magic, grimoires, sciences, and having the most easy-to-get-lost-in interior.
The Forbidden Tower -In the past, this tower portion of the library was off limits due to dangerous magical books, or rather the ban of lay-people reading them by the Magik Council. With the ban removed, though it retains it's nickname, all are permitted to enter - if they can find the underground entrance from the main library. It's well worth the effort; at the top is a lush garden that is rumored to have been cultivated by the Chancellor himself. There is another rumor that there is still a room somewhere in the tower that is forbidden containing truly dangerous magical books.
Atterson Gym -Houses an indoor track, pool, basketball courts, etc.
Penn and Teller Theatre -Has around 7 stages with a small art gallery.

Education Offered
Undergrad Offered:
Applied Theories
Art -(Design, Performing)
Chemistry -(Chemical and Biomolecular Enginnering, Chemistry)
Engineering -(Agricultural, Biological, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Material, Computer Science)
Lore and Literature
MAGE Certification
Magick Physics
Molecular and Cellular Biology (Pre-Med)
Grad Offered:
Art -(Design, Performing)
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Engineering -(Agricultural, Biological, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Material, Computer Science)
Lore and Literature
Medicine and Healing