Conceptuals of the Universe of IofM

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The Rest of the World
The world of IofM is like our world, and then very unlike our world. The presence of Magic and Magical Species make up some of the differences and influence other differences.

Some Peoples


Though they call themselves Maoren, Western society has dubbed them Ailurians in the history books. Located in central China, Ailurians are a reclusive species of ... cat people. Distrusting of most people, Ailurians have been granted the right to govern themselves within their territory. There are several clans of Ailurians, and each rules itself. Only recently have they begun to grudgingly reach out to the outside, due to the difficulty of surviving as hunter/gatherers in a technologically advanced world.


Any person from any people group can become a vampire if they lose their ability to produce and sustain life-force. They can be considered half-dead. To make up for their defficiency, vampires will feed on the lifeblood of non-vampires to obtain life-force. New life is impossible to sustain; hair and nails will not grow, and reproduction is out of the question. Seen as monsters in history, vampires are now being integrated into society and governed by elite vampires who answer to the Council of Magic.


Beautiful, graceful people, the Naiads tend to live within elven borders and search for pure waters and forests to make their homes. Many Naiads have adapted to the world today, but dislike it in general. The condition of impurity in the world has shortened their lifespans as well, and most rarely make it past 100 years. A rare genetic mutation can produce Salmacisines, Naiads who can change gender at well. These Naiads are often misunderstood and shunned by society, though with recent LGBT Pride movements they are more accepted.


Succubi are, as expected, people who become more powerful through sex. These people are mostly women, and any children they have with other peoples are full-blooded succubi. The males of this people are called Incubi, but the species is stilly widely known as Succubi. Succubi had been considered evil in previous centuries,but being a more outspoken people they fought for their own rights and were the first people to be fully integrated into human society.


The most populous of people groups in the world, these are the people who aggressively advance science, technology, and culture in history. Humans have a wide ability to utilize almost any type of magic, as well as compensating for any shortcomings by non-magical abilities. They have the shortest lifespan of all peoples except Demons.


An elusive people, elves are among the fewest people in the world. Formerly they were the most technologically advanced peoples, but disapproved of advances that had destructive side-effects and were overtaken by humans. They had been secluded, disallowing non-elven from passing their borders, but are now being drawn to the electronic technology. Some have left their paradises in pursuit of this knowledge.


Underground dwellers who live near active volcanoes and can survive dunks in lava, it's little wonder that these people were persecuted and dubbed "demons", widely due to their living environments being similar to Hades. The underground dwellers despise the aboveground dwellers, and little is known about them, even though a few have ventured out of their oppressive society to see the world.


Fae are people from a little known world called "Other World". Existence of this world and these people are rumours at best, and few people ever really find out whether they exist or not. The rumours state that Fae resemble Angels, but other rumours state that Fae resemble Devils.


Lycanthropes are humans who have been infected with a horrible, magic debilitating disease. There are many different levels of infection, but all are destructive and painful. Infected will, at times, develop attributes of an unbridled beast with bloodlust. The disease eats at their bodies and minds, and if it completely takes over, the infected will have died, leaving behind an evil beast bent on destroying all life. It's almost as if the disease was a parasite attempting to take over a host ... nah.


Immortals are difficult to discern, due to varying lifespans of peoples. Immortals are also not telling how they became immortals, or why. Out of the immortals, there is a rumour that four immortals will, if existing in the same land, produce a "crossroad", where heaven can be accessed. For this to be accomplished, one representing "What is known," "What is unknown," "Death," and "Life" must be present. The most well-known immortal is the Blue Dragon, Adriam Aderyn.


International Magic Council
The Magic Council is the committee that sets the laws for Magic Internationally. It is made up of Scholars and country representatives. All other information is unknown and the Council prefers to remain enigmatic.

British Aristocracy
This world's Britain is run by the Queen, supported by the Twelve Pillars also known as Britain's Aristocracy. This is the Parliment, where the Twelve Pillars' roles are kept within family houses. Members of Parliment never show their faces, wearing masks in public and in Parliment to remain "faceless", representing the people. In recent times, Parliment has been thrown into an uproar as unrest threatens the the country, and the Third Pillar's Chair has been thrown into disarray.

The Roman Catholic Church
The most notable Religious Society, the RCC is the most known for its intolerant and hierarchical run system as well as its production of high-class exorcists. Much of the higher parts of the hierarchy of the RCC, such as leader selection and exorcist training, is shrouded in mystery otherwise. They rarely work with others outside of their society in exorcisms, and carrying an exorcist license certified by the RCC can get you almost anywhere.

The Underground
The Underground is much what you would expect it: a network of organizations with questionable purposes. It's not made up of your typical Druglords or Human Traffickers or whatnot, though there might be a little of that. These organizations are highly sophisticated criminal organizations that offer their services for a price. Even some countries' governments have partaken with them. Organization within the Underground hold no allegiance to each other. Notable Underground organizations are Kuroryou, the most influential ninja clan in the world, and Scorpio, an organization that even others in the Underground are wary of.

The Host and Affiliates
The Host are higher angels who go between earth and heaven, acting on orders from the above. Their affiliates are select Immortals and dedicated Humans who are aware of the existence of The Host. Notables from The Host are Michael, commander of Heaven's Armies who is constantly waging war against The Fallen, Gabriel, free agent of the Intnl Magic Council and Head Messenger of Heaven, and Samael, the venom of God known as "Tempter" and "Accuser" and "Angel of Death".


Other World
A world seperate from "the real world," this is the world of the Fae. An oasis in the middle of an infinite desert, sustained by a phoenix, is its only inhabitable land. It is widely unknown, but those that know of it have another name for this world: Eternal Night of the Living Dead.

Eastern Curiousities Antique Shop
Charisma Tang's shop and the portal to Other World. The store-room is suspected to literally be endless, and who knows where all her curiosities continue to come from... This shop is the most prominent supplier of phoenix feathers and phoenix ash, as well as other mysterious and powerful things.

The Prison
A mythical place that is said to house a temple under which a betrayer of God is said to be kept within a lake completely frozen through. No one knows where it is or how to reach it, but the jailer is said to be a woman of snow, who leads the temple of wolves.

Other Terminology


The magical essence that sustains life. It can be drained as a magic reservoir at risk to health. Lifeforce controls the healing rate and ability to recover from illness and injury, though some illnesses are immune. Lifeforce is usually hard to use, detect, and measure, but healers are capable of controlling their lifeforce at will.


Also known as "ghosts". Though a person's soul cannot remain in the world after death, those with power and strong emotional attachments may sometimes accidentally leave a pale copy of themselves that seek fulfillment.


Blessed by Jean Chastel, silver was given the ability to strike down beasts that other means could not, including werewolves, vampires, and demons.


Creatures that exist in the world, but are shifted to a different phase so that it is difficult for them to interact with the physical in the usual phase. These include lesser angels and demons, and ghosts also known as remnants.